Thought of the Day April 2, 2024 Easter: The Glorified Body

By 11:44 AM

 He is risen! Alleluia! He is the same but different. His risen Body is glorified, not just come back to life. The disciples do not immediately recognize him, except in faith. Mary of Magdala thought he was a gardener, until he spoke her name, Mary. The Apostles were fishing but caught nothing until the seeming stranger told them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. Once they caught a net full, John says: "it is the Lord." When they come on shore he has breakfast waiting them. "No one ask who he was. They knew it was the Lord."  His glorified Body is a foreshadowing of our future glorified bodies in the resurrection, if we are in union with him when we die. Our mortal bodies will have immortality. Our corrupted body will become incorruptible. This is the gift of the resurrection of Jesus to us. It is a mystery that only faith can embrace. Alleluia!

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