Thought of the Day April 22, 2024 Easter: I am the Good Shepherd

By 10:42 AM

 "I am the good shepherd." As we continue during the Easter season to reflect of the I am statements of Jesus, we now look at "I am the good shepherd." Jesus is separating himself from the bad shepherds of Israel, the prophets, kings and priests who cared for themselves and not for the people, under their care. In Ezekiel, God said that he would shepherd his people, protecting and providing food and drink for them. He also said that he would raise up a good shepherd. Jesus identifies himself with God, as the shepherd, and as the one promised by God. As the good shepherd, Jesus has provided us the Eucharist as our food; he has delivered us and protected us from the onslaught of the devil; he has healed the lame; he has called us to follow him. He is the good shepherd. What kind of sheep have we been?

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