Thought of the Day April 18, 2024 Easter: the light of faith

By 10:05 AM

 "I am the Light of the world."  As a created being we have the gift of reason, enabling us to receive data and to come to a conclusion. As a new creation, we have been given by Jesus, who is Light, the gift of faith, enabling us to embrace the mysteries of revelation. By reason I can come to know that there is a God. But only by faith can I accept that the One God is Triune in Person. By reason, when Thomas saw the risen Christ in his glorified Body, Thomas knew it was Jesus. But faith enable him to proclaim; "My Lord and my God." By reason we acknowledge the presence of bread and wine at Mass. But, after the consecration, we believe that we are gazing and receiving the Real Body and Blood of Jesus. Reason and Faith are not in opposition. Faith adds to what reason cannot know on its own. We say that Baptism is an enlightenment because we receive the gift of faith in our role as a new creation. What would our life be without light of faith?

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