Thought of the Day April 4, 2024 Easter: Joyful news

By 10:31 AM

 He is risen! Alleluia! It is the news of great joy. Not only does it confirm that Jesus fulfilled his promise to rise again after death, it confirms that he has delivered us from our sins. Our joy is in the fact that we can live a new life in him and with him now forever. He is risen is the dawn of a new day for all who accept and believe in him. We don't have to live in the darkness of hopelessness, but can now live in the promise of the fullness of our lives. As the Psalm says: "The joy of the Lord is my strength."  This joy is both external and internal. It is external because we approach life differently. It is internal because it is his life in us that enables us to live each day as a new day in the Lord.

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