Thought of the Day June 10, 2024 The more

By 9:53 AM

 "Don't think about the good you have done, but about the good you are still failing to do." Blessed Edward Poppe

We all fall short of what God desires of us. We sometimes are comforted by reflecting on the good things we have accomplished over this short time of life. These deeds go before us. But there are so many more that we  are not doing that we could do. We cannot do everything. But are we doing what God is calling us to do? There is always the more. But what is the more that God is asking of us can only be discerned through prayer and openness to God. Each of us is different and each of us has a different calling. I am not called to do what someone is called to do. I am called by God to do what he wants me to do and to do it in love.

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