Thought of the Day June 11 2024 Live in the now

By 3:47 PM

"There are three traps of Satan, that steel joy and peace: one, regretting about the past, two, fear for the future, three, ingratitude for the present. "St. Anthony of the Desert

What are the remedies against these traps? Instead of regretting about the past, we need to ask God for the grace to learn from the mistakes of the past. Instead of fearing for the future, we need to entrust our future to God, whose plans are for our good. Instead of being ungrateful for the present, embrace the grace of the present moment with gratitude. God  lives neither in the past nor the future, only in the present. The past is gone, the future is not yet, the present is the only now we have. It is where we will find God.

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