Thought of the Day June 4, 2024 Real Christians

By 11:22 AM


Let it be understood that those who are not found living as He taught are not Christian- even though they profess with the lips the teaching of Christ. St Justin

A true Christian is one who lives consciously as Jesus taught. A true Christian is one, who in fact is in union with God in thought, word and deed. On the other hand, a pseudo Christian is one, who externally goes through the motions, but internally is far from the Lord. Just as Jesus had many disciples following him at different times, not all were committed. A true Christian is both in name and life-style. It is the difference between the wheat and the weed. Both may look the same externally, but are radically different. Jesus will honor real Christians in the end. The rest, who are in name only, he will not know.

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