Thought of the Day June 21, 2024 Death and life

By 11:41 AM


Take care above all things, most honored lady, not to insult Gods boundless loving kindness; you would certainly do this if you mourned as dead one living face to face with God, one whose prayers can bring you in your troubles more powerful aid than they ever could on earth. And our parting will not be for long; we shall see each other again in heaven; we shall be united with our Savior; there we shall praise him with heart and soul, sing of his mercies forever, and enjoy eternal happiness. When he takes away what he once lent us, his purpose is to store our treasure elsewhere more safely and bestow on us those very blessings that we ourselves would most choose to have. St. Aloysius

What a beautiful way to look at and approach death!  Would that each of us can have the same attitude before we die and at the death of loved one. The dead are still living, though gone from our sight. Our faith tells us that we will see and be with each other, if we died in Christ. While we feel their absence, we should celebrate their union on Christ. May each time we encounter the death of another, we may realize our time is short and continue to remain at one with God. We belong to the Lord whether we live or die. Run as to gain the prize on high.

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