Thought of the Day June 7, 2024 Whom do you please?

By 10:00 AM


“If you know how quickly people would forget you after you died, you wouldn’t try to please anyone but God” St. John Chrysostom

This is a sobering but true thought. We spend so much time pleasing others with very little lasting results. On the other hand, how much time do we spend pleasing t.he Lord, who is more deserving because of all he has done for us? If people forget us after we die, that is normal. But we definitely do not want God to say, “I do not know you,” or not to remember us. The attitude of Peter before the religious leaders of Israel needs to be ours. “Whom should we obey? God or you.” His answer was spoken without hesitation. “We will obey God.” Doing the will of God and pleasing the Lord should be our goal in life before anything else

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