Thought of the Day June 14, 2024 Resurrection of the body

By 10:02 AM


Does not God have the power to resurrect each one individually, either to our honor and glory or to our dishonor and condemnation, reforming and restoring from each ones same matter? God resurrects to dishonor the one who lived thoughtlessly in sins and to honor the one who lived in righteousness.  St Methodius

Everyone dies and everyone rises from the dead by the power of God and for his glory. Death is part of our human life. Resurrection is not. If we die in alienation of God after the gift of salvation, then our rising from the dead will be for our eternal condemnation. If we die in union with God after the gift of salvation, then our resurrection will be to live eternally with God. Our resurrection shows the finality of our choices in life. Choose with his grace to live with God now, so that by his grace you will live with God eternally. For this is our true destiny.

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