Thought of the Day June 17, 2024 To love heroically

By 10:43 AM

 The Lord does not ask us to struggle alone....We do not make love even our own. God and God alone cam make this kind of love. We have to ask him for it, we have to receive it....We are not called to be restless activists in our works of charity. but people who are passive and patient, and in whom the love of God is working. For it is in this way, and only in this way that the loving action of God can spread in our world." Venable Madeline Delbrel

To love humanly is to love those who love us. To love heroically is to love those who are hard to love. This ability comes not from our strength but by surrendering to the grace of God. Since it is God's will that we love as he loves, even those in our eyes hard to love, he gives us the grace to so love. It was not easy for St. Francis to embrace a leper. He was motivated and empowered by God. Who is the leper in our lives?

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