Information: Put Christ Back into Christmas

By 6:22 PM

Put Christ Back Into Christmas!
I invite you to join me in this most important effort if the birth of Christ has touched your lives. How?
1. Pray a Hail Mary each day or at different times during the day throughout the Advent season for this intention.
2. Instead of saying Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings, say Merry Christmas!
3. If possible, display a nativity scene on your lawn. Let’s not be ashamed of our faith in Jesus.
4. Send religious Christmas cards with Christmas stamps.
5. Invite all on your email list or other social media accounts to join you in this mission.
6. If you are inclined with others, go Christmas caroling in your neighborhood, singing the traditional religious carols.
7. Don’t be obnoxious towards others or confrontational, but charitably be clear about the reason for our celebrating Christmas.
8. Add your own ideas to this list. But pass it on.

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