Thought of the Day November 8, 2016

By 11:49 AM

"Do not choose to be conformed to this age, but instead be transformed by the renewal of your mind, so that you may choose what is the will of God: what is good, and what is well-pleasing, and what is perfect." (Rom 12:2) Paul sets the bar high but not out of reach. What should our daily attitude be? We are called to choose the will of God for us as our measure, not the desires or the thinking of others. As Jesus sought to do the will of the Father, even to embracing death on the cross so we may have life in him, that same will should become our  only reason to act or not act. This choice begins in small things, with the small crosses in our daily life. Consciously choose God's will today in the decisions you make and transformation will begin to take place.

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