Thougth of the Day November 28, 2016

By 10:19 AM

Our life as Christians is a journey in which we encounter Jesus at different moments in different circumstances. These encounters are not initiated by us, but by Jesus, who desires to encounter us first. Thus, our encounters are not accidents, but divine appointments. How many of these grace moments have we missed, because we were not open at the moment? Advent is a new time for us to become more attentive and watchful for those encounters. Not only are we preparing to celebrate his first coming at Christmas; not only are we preparing for his encounter with us in his final or second coming. But it is our response to the present moment encounters that will matter. How we recognized, encounter, welcome and receive him in the present moment will be the key to our lasting relationship with God. Lord, let me be attentive and responsive to you in each present moment. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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