Thought of the Day November 22, 2016

By 10:05 AM

We should not be afraid of death, since death is inevitable and an instant  in our journey. What we should be afraid  of is dying outside of relationship with God. This will be eternal. Yes, we have all sinned and deserve condemnation. But through the death and resurrection of Jesus and in the waters of baptism, we have been sent free and given new life and a new status as children of God. Even when we have fallen again and again in sin, God in his mercy has restored and renewed us through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Instead of wasting our energy in fear of death, we should redouble our efforts to grow in love of God and love of others, of remaining in his presence and seeking to do his will. Because of our faith in God's tender mercy and our authentic love for him, our attitude should be that of St. Paul: "O death, where is your sting! O death, where is your victory!" We should prepare for death, not fear it. For death for the faithful means life with and in God eternally!

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