Thought of the Day November 11, 2016

By 10:00 AM

"The saints are God's holy people. The apostle Paul speaks about all those who belong to Christ as 'holy people' or 'saints.' He directs his letters to 'those who have been consecrated in Christ Jesus and called to be God's holy people' (1 Cor 1:2) this sanctity is the work of the Spirit of Jesus. Paul again says:' All of us, with our unveiled faces like mirrors reflecting the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the image that we reflect  in brighter and brighter glory; this is the working of the Lord who is the Spirit' (2 Cor 3:18) As saints we belong to that huge network of God's people that shines like a multitude of stars in the dark sky of the universe." (Henri Nouwen) Are you a saint? If you are sharing in the divine life of God (in the state of grace), you are a saint. Too often we limit sanctity to those who have been canonized. But that is not true. If one is sharing in God's life before death, that one will share in God's life eternally. A saint is not perfect on earth but is striving to be perfected by sharing more full in the life of Christ. A saint is one who seeks to allow God to transform him/her into a greater lover. Be conscious, O saints, of sharing in God's life and desire the grace to respond to this great gift in gratitude.

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