Thought of the Day November 2, 2016

By 10:22 AM

As we honor the souls in Purgatory on this day, we reflect on the truths that have been revealed to us by God. First of all, all will die but death is not the end of life. Eternal life continues after earthly life. Secondly, the only death we should fear is that death which leaves us eternally alienated from God.  This is what hell is. Thirdly, unless we die in full agape love with God, we will need to be purified of anything that we still have in us that is imperfect love. This is purgatory. We know we are saved and will be with God for eternity, but first we need to go through a decontamination chamber for any non-love germs we may still be carrying in our heart. But because we have seen God, who is love and the one whom our heart longs for, this purgation is an intensification of love for God. The pain or suffering is the pain of love seeking total fulfillment in the only One who has loved us unconditionally. Fourthly, our prayers for the souls on this last leg of their journey are prayers of love supporting them.

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