Thought of the Day November 16, 2016

By 10:21 AM

"O Sacred Heart of Jesus, fountain of eternal life, Your  heart is a glowing furnace of Love. You are my refuge and my sanctuary. O my adorable and loving Savior, consume my heart with the burning fire with which Yours is a flamed. Pour down on my soul those graces which flow from Your love. Let my heart be united with Yours. Let my will be conformed to Yours in all things. May Your will be the rule of all my desires and actions. Amen." (St. Gertrude the Great) To conform one's will to God's will was the model Jesus set for us in his own life. It is the key to true happiness and peace amidst all the turmoil of human life. Though it is the way we should go, it is not always that easy. For as St Paul reminds us, our will is in a state of rebellion because of the law of sin within us. The root of this sin is the "I will not" response of Adam and Eve to God's will for their happiness. When we act the same way, we sin and are out of sync with God, our true Good. On the other hand, when we consciously choose to conform our will to God's, then we will be in conformity with our true self. This is our challenge and our path to ultimate fulfillment. That is why Jesus could have inner  peace in the depth of his sufferings.

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