Thought of the Day April 15, 2021 The gift of peace

By 9:56 AM

Pope Francis said that the risen Jesus brings about "the resurrection of the disciples" by raising their spirits and changing their lives. He does this with mercy. "Having received that mercy, they become merciful in turn," the Pope said. They receive mercy from Him through three gifts: peace, the Spirit, and His wounds. The peace of Jesus made them pass from remorse to mission."

Jesus was not interested in judging or condemning the unfaithful disciples. He has a bigger picture in mind. He didn't discipled them for three years to have them wallow in remorse and self-condemnation. He chose them to help establish the Kingdom of the New and Eternal Covenant. Thus, the first gift of his resurrection to them is unspoken forgiveness in the grace of peace. In this peace they and their successors can go to the ends of the earth, proclaiming repentance, which leads to peace and new life. The same peace is the risen Jesus' gift to each of us.

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