Thought of the Day April 22, 2021 Repentance--4

By 9:59 AM

“A hard task is given to me—to call the darkness darkness, evil evil, and the demon demon. By remaining vague I can avoid commitment and drift along in the mainstream of our society. But Jesus does not allow me to stay there. He requires a clear choice for truth, light, and life. When I recognize my countless inner compromises, I may feel guilty and ashamed at first. But when this leads to repentance and a contrite heart, I will soon discover the immense love of God, who came to lead me out of the darkness into the light and who wants to make me into a transparent witness of his love.” (Henri Nouwen)


To be ashamed of my many sins is an important pre-step to repentance. But if all we do is stay in shame and guilt, then we could become like Judas, who seemingly despaired because of his betrayal of Jesus. On the other hand, we could follow the example of Peter, who equally sinned by denying Jesus. He too was ashamed of his sin. He wept. But he also remembered the teachings of Jesus about the sinner who repented and experienced mercy. He clung to this and allowed his repentant heart to receive the mercy of Jesus. He moved from the darkness of his sin over the bridge of repentance to the loving arms of Jesus. He became a witness of repentance and the forgiveness of sin. We too are to be “transparent witness” of God’s merciful love. Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.

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