Thought of the Day April 16, 2021 The gift of the Spirit

By 10:22 AM

When Jesus appeared to the Apostles on Easter Sunday, "they received from him three gifts: peace, the Spirit, and his wounds," Pope Francis said recently. We reflected on peace, let us look at the gift of the Spirit as a sign of mercy.

Before he imported the Spirit upon them, Jesus told them: "As the Father has sent me, so I send you." When Jesus was anointed by the Spirit, after his baptismal commitment to do the will of the Father, Jesus was led by the Spirit in the the proclamation of the Kingdom with signs and wonders as his credentials. Now, the Apostles will carry on the ministry of Jesus, not on their own, but with the anointing power of the same Spirit. In God's mercy, we too have been given the gift of the Spirit for the same purpose. 

The third gift was that of his wounds. This gift was to emphasize that they are to preached Jesus crucified and risen. Faith in him, following repentance of sin, brings new life. The gift of his wounds was to remind them that they would share in his sufferings. They were not to be afraid. As he suffered cruelly at the hands of others, they would experience sufferings for the name of the Son. But as he has been raised, so too they shall be raised on the last day. We, too, share in his sufferings. We, too, will share in his glory.

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