Thought of the Day April 5, 2021 He is risen!

By 9:53 AM

He is risen!

What does Jesus' resurrection mean? It is the final sign confirming who Jesus is. He is the One sent by God in the power of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders as his credentials, confirming him as Lord and Messiah. The Jewish religious authorities kept demanding sings from Jesus to validate his authority. Jesus said that he would suffer death by crucifixion but be raised up in three days. He also said that he would freely lay down his life and freely take it up again. His prophetic words were fulfilled on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. He is truly God and Man! To the unbelieving Jews, the cross and the resurrection were stumbling blocks. To the learned Greek philosophers, the idea of a man rising from the dead was scoffed at. But to those who believed in Jesus, the resurrection was the beginning of a new life. Who is Jesus to you?

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