Thought of the Day April 9, 2021 We will have a glorified body

By 10:30 AM

What else is different about the risen, glorified body of Jesus? While the apostles at first thought they were seeing a ghost, Jesus assured them his body was real. To verify his response, he invited them to touch him and to give him something to eat. We have no other experience to compare this phenomenon with. It is a manifestation of the power of God, who create all things out of nothing and who can glorify the human body.

When we die in Christ, our bodies will be buried. Though  our bodies may return to dust, there will be a resurrection of our body. It will be a glorified, resurrected body, similar to Jesus. For the life we share, beginning in baptism, is the divine life of God. Knowing this, how should we live in the present moment, so that we can be raised to glory with God eternally?

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