Thought of the Day April 6, 2021 He is alive!

By 9:56 AM

He is Alive!

Jesus, who suffered the cruel death of crucifixion, is alive! He has broken the power of death and sin. What does that mean to  you and to me? It means that his death has reconciled us, sinners, to God in a way we could never achieve on our own. Being sinless and perfect, Jesus offered himself as the perfect sacrifice acceptable to God on our behalf. Our sins are forgiven. Alleluia!

Not only does he remove the bondage of sin, but he adopted us as his sons and daughters in the waters of baptism. Alleluia! We now share in his divine live. He lives and we live by his grace in union with him. Alleluia! But to remain in this new life, we have to choose to remain in him, to truly be converted and seek to live free of serious sin. This can only be done by his grace. Alleluia!

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