Thought of the Day April 8, 2021 How do we recognize the risen Lord?

By 10:43 AM

What is different about the resurrected Jesus? He is the same person but with a glorified body. Those who were his disciples for three years often didn't immediately recognize him. Mary of Magdala thought he was the gardener, until he spoked her name. The two disciples on the way to Emmaus thought he was a stranger, until he interpreted the scriptures about the Messiah and broke bread with them. Only then did they recognized that it was the Lord.

When the eleven apostles were fishing after the resurrection, they didn't recognize the Lord initially. It wasn't until they followed his instructions and caught an overflowing net-full of fish. John said, "It is the Lord." How do we recognize the risen Lord today? In h is word, in the Eucharist and in one another. The Lord has not change, only the way he reveals himself to us as the risen, glorified Lord? In response to his revelation today, our faith enables us to encounter the risen Lord. Alleluia!

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