Thought of the Day April 30, 2021 The gift of faith

By 10:19 AM

“What a blessing it is to know Christ, the Good Shepherd, to know Him as the Redeemer who laid down His life for the sheep, to know Him as the Risen Lord, the source of everlasting joy and life. What a blessing it is to know the Good Shepherd and to believe in Him. This gift of faith is the greatest blessing we could ever receive in life” (John Paul I I).


We have been blessed in so many ways! At the same time, we, as human beings, can take these blessings for granted or to think that we are entitled to these blessings. But the truth is, we are a gifted people. From the gift of human life to the gift of sharing in God’s life eternally, from the gift of faith to the gift of love, from the gift of mercy to the gift of anointing with power. All is gift of God’s unconditional love.  But all these gifts require a response, the response of acceptance in faith, of gratitude in humility, of love for love and of stewardship in sharing with others.  Believing in and following the Good Shepherd is one way to express our response for the blessings we have received. What is the blessing you are most grateful for? 

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