Thought of the Day April 7, 2021 Jesus is our hope

By 10:41 AM

Jesus is our hope

With Jesus' resurrection begins a new era of hope. The darkness of sin, which enveloped the whole world, has been shattered by the rising of the Son of God from the grave. The despair and loss of purpose that the hearts of the disciples of Jesus has dissipated. The news of his resurrection has brought hope and joy beyond measure. Can you feel it? The clutches of the second death has been eternally severed for those who live in Christ. The somber mood of Lent gives way to the bright sounds of the joyful Alleluias of Easter. A new creation, conceived on the cross, has been birthed with Easter life. Jesus is our hope, our life, our joy and our salvation! Alleluia! Rejoice in  him!

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