Thought of the Day November 1, 2021 Do you want to be a saint?

By 10:03 AM


"Calling the saints to mind inspires, or rather arouses in us, above all else, a longing to enjoy their company, so desirable in itself. We long to share in the citizenship of heaven, to dwell with the spirits of the blessed, to join the assembly of patriarchs, the ranks of the prophets, the council of apostles, the great host of martyrs, the noble company of confessors and the choir of virgins. In short, we long to be united in happiness with all the saints. But our dispositions change. The Church of all the first followers of Christ awaits us, but we do nothing about it. The saints want us to be with them, and we are indifferent. The souls of the just await us, and we ignore them. (St. Bernard)

 On this Feast Day of All the Saints, we are reminded of our true purpose in this life. Our time on earth is limited. Our time after death is eternal. We have been given a share in God's own divine life, so that we may be with him in eternal glory. What are we doing to cooperate with and respond to this great gift? Life with God is the pearl of great price. Are we willing to do everything to retain this gift? What good does it profit a person to gain the whole world but lose the only gift that is priceless and lasting? Seek first the kingdom of God and you will have everything that is really important. The saints learned this lesson and acted on it. So too must we.

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