Thought of the Day November 2 2021 Purgatory

By 10:18 AM

Today, we remember those who have died in Christ, but are not yet fully in eternal union with God, the souls in Purgatory. How good is our God! He provides for those, who die sharing in his life, the means to be totally purified from anything that is not love. God is love and all who are with God are in perfect love with God.  But not all will die perfectly in love and thus a process of purification. As we pray for those in Purgatory, we are supporting them with our love, which is the only thing that matters in Purgatory. They are saved by the death and resurrection of Jesus. They died in love but with some baggage of their past life of non-love. Now, in Purgatory they are being stripped of this baggage. Their eyes are fixed on the Lord who loves them, yearning to be with him. Their cleansing is a means to being fully with God. Lord, in your mercy bring them to you.

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