Thought of the Day November 18, 2021 Gratitude

By 10:20 AM

"Gratitude is the awareness that life in all its manifestations is a gift for which we want to give thanks. The closer we come to God in prayer, the more we become aware of the abundance of God’s gifts to us. We may even discover the presence of these gifts in the midst of our pains and sorrows. The mystery of the spiritual life is that many of the events, people, and situations that for a long time seemed to inhibit our way to God become ways of being united more deeply with him. What seemed a hindrance proves to be a gift. Thus gratitude becomes a quality of our hearts that allows us to live joyfully and peacefully even though our struggles continue" (Henri Nouwen).

The attitude and spirit of gratitude enables us to see things from a wider perspective.  It doesn't change the situations around us, but it changes our way of dealing with them.  We can't change or control the elements of nature or the vulnerability of our lives. What we can change is whether we allow these to control and devastate us or see how we can use these to grow closer to God. My favorite illustration is I can look at the world after a violent storm by looking at the destruction or by looking at my blessings. It is the same world. What I choose to focus on makes the difference whether I will be devastated or grateful. One brings me into deeper depression. The other brings hope into my life.

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