Thought of the Day November 15, 2021 Looking to second resurrection

By 10:40 AM

"Here on earth they are changed by the first resurrection, in which they are enlightened and converted, thus passing from death to life, sinfulness to holiness, unbelief to faith, and evil actions to holy life. For this reason the second death has no power over them. It is of such men that the Book of Revelation says: Happy the man who shares in the first resurrection; over such as he the second death has no power. Elsewhere the same book says: He who overcomes shall not be harmed by the second death. As the first resurrection consists of the conversion of the heart, the second death consists of unending torment" (Bishop Fulgentius). 

We have all  participated in the first resurrection, when we were baptized. At that moment we died to sin and rose to new life in Christ. After Baptism when we separated ourselves from God through sin, we again experience the effects of the first resurrection. Through the Sacrament of Reconciliation we once more died to sin and rose to new life in Christ. When physical death (the first death) comes and we are sharing in the resurrection of Christ, we, in spirit, will share in his glorified life eternally. The second death, separation from God eternally will have no power over us. We then await the second resurrection, the rising of our bodies to be reunited with our souls, so that with a glorified body and soul we will share life with God eternally in praise of his glory. None of this by our merit but by the grace of God and our response to his grace. So with St. Paul we will joyfully be able to proclaim: Death, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting?

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