Thought of the Day November 12, 2021 The Day of the Lord

By 12:38 PM

Today the Church, the Lord, with His goodness, tells each one of us, ‘Stop, stop, not every day will be so.   Do not get used to this as if it were eternity.   There will be one day that you will be taken, while the other one will remain, you will be taken, you will be removed.’    It means going with the Lord, thinking that our life will end.”…Pope Francis 

Some people are obsessed with fear of the end. Some are living life in relationship with God in trust. Others are totally unconcerned, living as if there will always be a tomorrow for them. Where are you in fact? Jesus said the Day of the Lord will come, catching many unprepared. How do we prepare for this Day while not living in fear? Being attentive and and responsive to the reality of the Lord in our lives each moment. If I am one with God in each now, sharing his Divine life, when that Day comes, I am ready to go with God.  

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