Thought of the Day November 10, 2021 Humility

By 10:42 AM

“It pleased God to make it easy for us to be saved. He didnt attach salvation to knowledge or intelligence or wealth, nor to long experience or rare gifts that are not given to all. He attached it to something within the reach of everyone, absolutely everyone. Jesus attaches salvation to humility, to the act of making yourself little. That is all it takes to win heaven” (Blessed Charles de Foucard).


Humility recognizes my need for something beyond my capabilities, but not too proud to ask for it from the One who is the Giver of all gifts. When I am alienated from God, the gift I most need is the gift of saving mercy. When I admit my sins, asking forgiveness from Mercy himself, the grace of salvation is freely given. The beautiful example of the thief on the cross next to Jesus witnesses this miracle of salvation.  His fellow crucified thief reviled Jesus, asking to be save from the sufferings he was enduring. The humble thief acknowledged Jesus as innocent and asked for eternal salvation. Whose request was granted? 

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