Thought of the Day November 8, 2021 Do we depend on Jesus?

By 10:41 AM

 When Jesus is the Lord of our lives, we depend on him for everything, while doing our part to be attentive to his will. When Jesus is not the Lord of our lives, we depend on something else, while trying to do everything ourselves. In the first instance there is order in our lives, even though our life is not perfect and free of struggles. But we know and live in the reality that Jesus is in charge and we are his servants, trying to be obedient and submissive. In the second instance there is always something missing within us that we keep searching for in the wrong places. St. Augustine identified this reality thus: "Our hearts are restless, until they rest in God." 

Why are we afraid of trusting our lives totally to the Lord? And yet repeatedly we do trust our lives to someone or something other than Jesus, with the result of it not being enough. Jesus keeps calling us to himself. "Come to me all you who are heavily burden and need rest". But we ignore the invitation to our continual emptiness and frustration. To surrender into the hands of Jesus is to be free. To surrender into something or someone other than Jesus is be enslaved. We have tried the latter, now why not try Jesus?

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