Thought of the Day November 5, 2021 Death

By 10:32 AM

"Let us therefore run forward, singing: It is good! And for him who runs to meet God nothing is past and lost forever. God has already bestirred himself and is quite near in the impatience of that love that makes all things new. He is near! Our past fickleness is the starting point of the eternal God. Glad tiding! We are running towards God--and he is already near" (Karl Rahner).

Death is inevitable, but few of us reflect on it, as if we can avoid it by not thinking about it. Yet, to think about it does not hasten it, but allows us to be prepared when it occurs. Knowing that we are running towards God helps us to live in a way that, when death occurs, we will see him face to face. Knowing the account that God will ask of me will be based on how I have acted in love will further motivate me to truly do all in love. My perspective of death is not fear or denial, but one of preparation and hope. At death I want to be fully alive in God so that I can be with God fully perfected in him. 

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