Thought of the Day February 14, 2022 Prepare for Lent

By 10:06 AM


As we begin to approach Lent, it is good to pray, asking God how does he want us to enter into this holy season. If our Lent in the past has been focused more on giving up, has it been the giving up some habitual sin in our lives? If our Lent has been more centered around doing more, has it been in loving more intentionally? After Lent we should see some significant change in our spiritual lives. Lent is not a forty-day exercise without results. It is our annual pilgrimage to the celebration of our redemption by Jesus, our Lord and Savior. But after his death on Good Friday, there is his resurrection on Easter Sunday. He died for our sins and rose to new life. Our Lenten journey is to lead to the same mystery in our own lives. Something is to die, so new life can become a reality of our lives now.

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