Thought of the Day February 21, 2022 Keep our eyes on Jesus

By 10:03 AM

“And so, without board or lodging, St. Paul traveled from place to place, destitute, naked, exhausted by hunger and thirst. When men saw him in captivity, flogged, shipwrecked, led about in chains, they could scarcely help thinking him a pitiable sight. Nevertheless, even while he suffered all this at the hands of men, he always looked toward the One who is his head and he asked: ‘What can separate us from the love of Christ, which is in Jesus? Can affliction or distress? Can persecution, hunger, nakedness, danger or death?’ In other words, 'What can force me to take my eyes from him who is my head and to turn them toward things that are contemptible?’ He bids us follow his example: Seek the things that are above, he says, which is only another way of saying: ‘Keep your eyes on Christ.’” (St. Gregory of Nyssa) 

I am reminded of a story. A man had a dream and in the dream he saw Jesus, followed by a great crowd, walking on a highway. He saw Jesus exit the road, but the crowd kept going. They were too busy focusing on themselves that they failed to see Jesus exit. It is not easy for us to keep our eyes always on Jesus. We get distracted with our difficulties and problems that we fail to remember why are we are on this journey. We are to follow not our own way but the way that Jesus is showing us by going ahead of us. When we take our eyes off Jesus we become lost. Our journey is faith in Jesus, whether we see him or not. By turning to Jesus in prayer, by expressing our faith in Jesus, by putting our trust in Jesus, by loving Jesus, then our eyes are fixed on him. In doing this, then with Paul we can say with confidence: "What can separate us from the love of God," who loves me beyond measure.

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