Thought of the Day February 7, 2022 We are never alone

By 10:28 AM

Jesus recognized the human experience of loneliness. He experienced  it on the cross, when he felt the weight of the sins of the world and the sense of abandonment. In that moment, he turned to the Father, whom he knew was with him and had not left him alone.  For he recalled those many days and nights he would be alone with the Father in prayer. He was assured of the Father's word to him: "You are my beloved Son on whom my favor rests." There is a difference between loneliness and being alone. As long as I nurture my relationship with God by being alone with him in prayer, though I experience the human emotion of loneliness, I too will be sustained. We are never alone. We have the promise of Jesus to his disciples. "I will be with  you until the end of the world."  Though I do not see or feel his presence, in faith I believe in his word. 

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