Thought of the Day February 1, 2022 Humility

By 10:47 AM

"Humility, in itself, in its most perfect state, does not consist in being little or feeling little but in making oneself little." (Raniero Cantalamessa)

Humility is not how others see us or how others treat us. It is how we see ourselves in comparison to God. He is all in all. I am a struggling sinner. He is the beginning and end of all. I am nothing without him. At the same time, I am who he has made me. I am a beloved son or daughter of the Father. I am a disciple of the Son. I am the anointed of the Spirit. All this, not because of me, but because of God. I am who I am in the eyes of God, nothing more, nothing less. Living in this reality is humility.

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