Thought of the Day February 8, 2022 Divine appointments

By 10:54 AM

“Every day the boat of our life leaves the shores of our home to go out into the sea of daily activities; every day we try to ‘fish in deep water,’ to cultivate dreams, to carry out projects, to live love in our relationships. But often, like Peter, we experience the ‘night of empty nets’ — the disappointment of working so hard and not seeing the desired results. The Lord loves to surprise us.  He loves to get into the boat of our lives when we have nothing to offer him; to enter our emptiness and fill it with his presence; to make use of our poverty to proclaim his wealth, of our miseries to proclaim his mercy. Like with St. Peter, Jesus wants to be close to us, no matter what situation we are in. Let us remember this: God does not want a cruise ship; a poor, ‘ramshackle’ boat is enough for him, as long as we welcome him. But do we — I ask myself — let him get in the boat of our life? Do we make available to him the little we have?” (Pope Francis)

This was a divine appointment in Peter's life, which he did not recognize when Jesus asked him to  use his boat. He was tired from a unprofitable night of fishing. Even when Jesus asked him to go fishing again, Peter had no expectations. But those two decisions opened the door for the beginning of a transforming relationship with the only one who could make a difference in Peter's life.  How often do we invite Jesus into our lives, especially when we feel empty and alone, when things are not going well. These could be moments of divine appointment in which Jesus seeks to draw us closer to himself, out of our self-focused thinking. Anything like a miraculous catch of fish may not occur, but the grace we will need will be ours. "Lord, I need you. Come in this present moment with your presence."

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