Thought of the Day January 15, 2024 Search

By 10:39 AM

 Our journey to the Lord involves a number of steps which are repeatable. They are search, encounter, revelation, witnessing. We find these steps in the lives of many of those in the Scriptures. The Wise Men were in search of the newborn king. They saw a natural phenomenon and interpreted as a sign of the birth of a new king. John the Baptist was in search of the Messiah. He knew that the Messiah had come. He was given a revelation that would confirm the Messiah. The grace of searching is an initial gift from God pointing towards something or someone. It is a grace that needs to be acted on. The religious leaders in Jerusalem knew the scriptures that said in Bethlehem the Messiah would be born. They did not go in search. Look back on your own journey. When and where did that grace of search for the Truth occur in your life? What did you find? The search for the person of Jesus involves many levels. It is a never ending process. God wants to reveal more of himself to us, like he did for Peter and the disciples. Ultimately, the search leads to a deeper union with God.

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