Thought of the Day January 8, 2024 Now we walk by faith.

By 10:47 AM

 As we reflect on the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, we believe that his act of commitment to the Father prepared the way for our commitment to God at the moment we were baptized. For most of us, we were mere infants, when we were baptized. We were unable to make that commitment at the time. But God made a commitment to us. He redeemed us and adopted us as his sons and daughters, sharing his divine life with us. Hopefully, at a later time of maturity of faith, we personalized our yes to God, accepted his gift of salvation and adoption and began walking with him and towards him. Without this personal response, the relationship between us is unilateral. But once we verbalized our yes to God, the fullness of our baptismal graces were received. Before our faith, we walked by sight. After it, we walked by faith. Thank God for his unconditional love and patience, waiting for us to mature.

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