Thought of the Day January 16, 2024 The encounters

By 2:04 PM

 Once we begin the journey of search, we experience an encounter which changes our lives. John the Baptist pointed out the Messiah as the Lamb of God to the two disciples. They were searching. Their encounter with Jesus changed their lives. Mary Magdalen was searching for the body of Jesus, after experiencing the empty tomb. She encounter the risen Lord. As we look back on our search, when did we encounter Jesus in a new way? Were our lives different afterwards? As search is a grace from God, so the encounter is a grace as well. Simon was led by his brother Andrew to come and see the Messiah. In this encounter, he received a new name. But this was the first of many encounters with Jesus for Peter. Each one brought about a new change in him. So it is with us. We will have many Jesus' encounter. Each one has a specific purpose in our lives.

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