Thought of the Day January 19, 2024 Be still

By 11:06 AM

 "It strikes me increasingly just how hard-pressed people are nowadays. It’s as though they’re tearing about from one emergency to another. Never solitary, never still, never really free but always busy about something that just can’t wait. You get the impression that, amid this frantic hurly-burly, we lose touch with life itself. We have the experience of being busy while nothing real seems to happen. The more agitated we are, and the more compacted our lives become, the more difficult it is to keep a space where God can let something truly new really take place. The discipline of the heart helps us to let God into our hearts so that God can become known to us there, in the deepest recesses of our own being."  Henri Nouwen

Many people feel like they are on a tread mill going no where. Their life is hectic and almost out of control. Even Sunday, the Lord's Day, a day of rest, is no longer such, but filled with things to do. There is wisdom in God's Word, when he says: "Be still and know that I am the Lord." We have to set aside time to be still, otherwise it will not happen. And even being still is difficult for our minds keep racing with things to do. But to set aside time each day just to be present to the Lord is important for a balanced life.  It is a decision of priority. If we want God to be the center of our lives, then we must put him at the center and give him the best.

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