Thought of the Day January 25, 2024 Are you a Disciple/witness?

By 10:30 AM

 Repent, believe, become a disciple so  that one can witness to others. That is the process we see in the scriptures used by Jesus. Repentance is important, but if we do not believe and embrace the teachings of Jesus, we fall short. Even when we say we believe, if we don't become a full fledge disciple of Jesus then we may be a half-hearted believer. Jesus disciples us so that we can share the process with others through the witness of our words and deeds. The words of Jesus should haunt us. "If you do not acknowledge me before others, I will not acknowledge you before my Father."  The life of a Christian is a vibrant life, not a dull existence. It entails putting Jesus as Lord of our lives and being faithful disciple/witnesses of his love and deeds in our lives. 

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