Thought of the Day January 24, 2024 To be discipled

By 9:38 AM

 When Jesus preached "Repent and believe in the Good News", he didn't stop there. Once a person repents and commits to embrace his teachings, the next step is to become his disciples. What does this mean? It means that, like Peter, Andrew, James and John, we make Jesus the priority in our lives, spending our time with Jesus, learning from him how to become holy. They left everything. We don't have to leave everything as much as not let anything become more important to us than Jesus, as Lord of our lives. With no, or very little block to him, Jesus is then able to form and transform us from just a casual observer or a part-time follower to a discipled son or daughter, fully dedicated to him and his will in our lives. There is one more major step.

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