Thought of the Day January 17, 2024 Revelation

By 10:32 AM

 As we journey from seeking to encounter, many times our encounter leads to a new revelation. When the two disciples, who were seeking the Messiah, encountered Jesus. They asked where he stayed. He invited them to spend time with him. In that time with Jesus, he revealed to them his own baptismal experience of the Father's love and affirmation  and the coming of the Spirit upon him. He shared with them his own call to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Not every time we have an encounter will we have a revelation. But reflect on your spiritual journey up till now. Recall your encounters in prayer. Were there moments of new insight (revelation) which God gave you of himself? Seek, encounter and revelation. God's plan for us as we journey to him. Cherish the encounters and the insights. 

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