Thought of the Day January 18, 2024 Witnessing

By 11:26 AM

 Seek, encounter, revelation, witnessing. Andrew was seeking the Messiah. John the Baptist pointed him out. Andrew had an encounter with Jesus, who revealed God's loving plan for him as the Messiah. Andrew's heart was transformed. But his journey was not to end with himself or this experience. He immediately, sought out his brother Simon, witnessed to him about Jesus and invited him to begin the same journey. Many times we have had the experience of an encounter with Jesus, who reveals something to us, but fail to share it with others. The process is aborted in a sense. God reveals his love and mercy to us so that we can share it with others and invite them to begin the same journey of seek, encounter, revelation and witnessing. Continue the next phase of your own journey, going through the same process until the ultimate encounter after death.

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