Thought of the Day January 31, 2024 Habitual sin

By 10:10 AM

St. John Bosco once said: "Do not try to excuse your faults; try to correct them."

We need to take personal responsibility for our actions, good and bad. It is easier for us to blame others or to justify our faults than to own them. One of the tactics of the evil one is to deny responsibility for our faults. In that way, they can begin to root themselves in us. This is not the will of God. Jesus calls us and graces us, not to justify, but to correct and uproot our faults, less they become destructive habits. While it is easier to ignore our faults, in the long run, it will be harder to uproot them, after being ignored over a period of time. Something becomes an addiction because it wasn't dealt with early on. The same is true with habitual sin.

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