Thought of the Day January 26, 2024 Our choice

By 10:33 AM

 "It is very difficult for each of us to believe in Christ’s words, “I did not come to call the virtuous, but sinners. . . .” Perhaps no psychologist has stressed the need of self-acceptance as the way to self-realization so much as Carl Jung. For Jung, self-realization meant the integration of the shadow. It is the growing ability to allow the dark side of our personality to enter into our awareness and thus prevent a one-sided life in which only that which is presentable to the outside world is considered as a real part of ourselves. To come to an inner unity, totality and wholeness, every part of our self should be accepted and integrated. Christ represents the light in us. But Christ was crucified between two murderers and we cannot deny them, and certainly not the murderers who live in us." Henri Nouwen

So many people have a difficulty of accepting themselves as they are. Any yet Jesus does. He sees our sins and imperfections and our struggles to stay in relationship. He still accepts us, because of his great love. He not only sees our present situation, but he sees the potential we can become through love. And so, he loves us. At the same time, he calls us to see ourselves through his eyes and to love the good that is present within us, while desiring to become who we can become in him. While the evil one wants us to focus on our darkness, Jesus invites us to focus on his light within us. The law of sin will always be there, but the law of love is greater. It is our decision which one we will let dominate us. Choose what is life-giving.

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